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Model V250F

€ 2950.00

Electric coupling unit/pulling unit for manual and foldable (hoop) wheelchair

This add-on bicycle is equipped with a suspension. This provides extra driving comfort. This is the perfect combination with  Loopwheels  .


Advantages :


The advantages of an add-on bicycle are listed below: I can now walk hand in hand with my partner or children. Have a hand free for an ice cream or drink during a walk. I can go into the shops because of the compact size. This can be taken in the car or on the plane. This way I have my freedom with everything. I can go on a bike ride with my family again. All little things that make my daily life more pleasant.



If you are recognized as having a disability, we will be happy to assist you with your file and you can obtain an intervention to ensure that this device is reimbursed by the following authorities:

Vaph, Vsb, Insurance, Aviq, Le Pare.


Wheel diameter:  16 inch Pneumatic tire
Battery:  Lithium 36V/ 16Ah
Charger:  36V/2A
Motor : Brushless motor 450W
Connecting bracket:  Active and folding wheelchair

Price for 16 inches: €3150.00


Fashion model  Description
Wheel diameter 12 or 16 inch
pneumatic tire
Battery Lithium 36V/ 16Ah 
Charger 36V/2A
Engine Brushless motor 450W
Coupling bracket Active and folding wheelchair
Total weight 13kg
Carrying weight 140KG
Range 30-40km Standard battery
Max speed 25km/h
Brake system Brake disc + electric
Slope angle 10 degrees